Ceilings Can Express Your Style

Think of your ceiling as a canvas to help express your style. De George Ceilings can install a ceiling that will be the perfect compliment to your home or business decor. You'll be amazed at what a difference a new tile or suspended ceiling will make in your living or working space.

The Ceiling That's Right For You

De George Ceilings has the perfect products for both home and business applications. We specialize in both residential and commercial ceiling needs!

Ceiling Types

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    Tiles, which come in various sizes, one of the most common being 12" x 12" - and attach directly to an existing ceiling. Decorative ceiling tiles can be used to define spaces within the home. Tiles can be installed with almost no loss in ceiling height.

  • Panels, which are usually 2'x2' or 2'x4', lay in a suspended grid system. When using panels, you have access to electrical and plumbing fixtures above. Suspended ceilings also make it easy to level an uneven ceiling, and to replace panels if they get damaged. You can also lower your ceiling as much as you like or as little as 3 1/2" or 6" if you're installing recessed lighting.

Tile or Suspended Ceiling Benefits

  • Noise Reduction - The ceilings that we install can make any room more livable by reducing noise. The sound reduction is often as much as 50%.
  • Beauty - A decorative ceiling can quickly turn a stained, cracked or unattractive ceiling into one that gives new life and beauty to any space.
  • Lighting - It can be easy to add creative and functional lighting to any room or space. We intall lighting fixtures in our ceilings.
  • Easy to care for - The ceilings we install are also easy to care for as the tiles and panels are washable and stain-resistant.